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List your business and start connecting with consumers from within your local community globally. Give yourself the opportunity to improve brand awareness, create and maintain a strong referral service and most importantly, grow your clientele. Welcome to The Blac & Bleu Listing. Take advantage of our one hundred and eighty day trial offer designed to give our online platform a test run and give your business visibility, the opportunity to feature in our monthly publication, as well as our quarterly production magazine.

We also offer an annual listing which even though it is self service, it still guarantee your business will be listed online annually and feature in both our monthly publication, The Blac & Bleu Monthly and The Blac & Bleu Book, our quarterly production magazine.

Becoming a Service Provider requires a one time non-refundable set up fee of 199.99 plus a 19.99 monthly subscription fee charged annually. The one time set up fee ensures that your landing page will be custom designed, with a contact form, custom media, social media links and links to your official website. The 19.99 monthly subscription fee charged annually guarantees your listing and verified subscription on our business network.

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  Batal Productions

2550 East Chandler Avenue, Las Vegas Nevada 89120

Tel : + (775) - 292 5262
Mail : [email protected]
Business Hours : 8:30 - 5:30

The Blac & Bleu Listing

A consumer may read an article. They may be looking for a specific piece of information or just curious as to what’s readily available to them within their local community. Create that awareness by gaining visibility through our business listing. The very next step would be to connect with that business owner.