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    Business Directory - Our business directory will be open to the public and available for use and catered to Subscribers and Service Providers of The Blac & Bleu Book. Our online business directory comes equipped with ajax loading and searches on each page, reducing loading time, custom categories suitable for a variety of business needs, star rating options, multiple slider images, youtube embeds, google maps preview and much much more features designed to grow your customer base. Contact us to feature in our production magazine, both online and hard copy.

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    Becoming a Service Provider requires a 199.99 one time set up fee. This fee covers your custom designed mobile responsive landing page fully equipped with product and graphics update, contact forms for lead generation, social media links and a home page button that leads back to your official site.
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    There is also a monthly subscription fee of 19.99 charged annually. The subscription fee guarantees your business will be listed, unlimited monthly maintenance on all landing pages and a custom design digital banner and business card. Print pricing excluded. Become a Service Provider today and get your business listed at a cost-efficient price of 439.99 with landing page included or just get listed for 240.00 annually.

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      Batal Productions

    10161 Park Run Drive Suite:

    Las Vegas Nevada 89145

    Tel : + (702) - 000-0000
    Mail :
    Business Hours : 9:30 - 5:30

    About Us

    Batal Productions is a small production company located in the Las Vegas Metro area.

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    The Blac & Bleu Book - is the official production magazine of Batal Productions and will be used as a promotional medium for all upcoming productions, clientele and current events. It will be a subscription-based magazine consisting of Subscribers and Service Providers.