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Become a Service Provider. List your business in our production magazine and start connecting with consumers in your local community. Give yourself the opportunity to improve brand awareness, create and maintain a strong referral service and most importantly, grow your clientele. Becoming a service provider requires a one time non-refundable set up fee of 199.99 plus a 19.99 monthly subscription fee charged annually. The one time set up fee ensures that your landing page will be custom designed, graphics included, contact form, custom media, social media links and media and links to your official site. The 19.99 monthly subscription fee charged annually guarantees your monthly hard copy subscription verified subscription on our business network and last but not least, your business will be listed annually ,both online and hardcopy. Contact us for a complimentary consultation

To list your business in our production magazine annually simply choose the list business option in our menu bar, then the appropriate pricing plan. We currently offer three plans. A monthly job post, annual listing and the service provider annual listing. Once payment is in process or has been received which ever comes first, we will contact you within three business days to review your proposed listing, confirm receipt of payment and discuss service provider landing page content and design options. For faster service on your landing page options contact our web & graphic designer directly and/or fill out his contact form. Please allow 14 business days maximum for design concept review and completion time

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2550 East Chandler Avenue, Las Vegas Nevada 89120

Tel : + (702) - 718 8692
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Business Hours : 8:30 - 5:30

The Blac & Bleu Listing

The Blac & Bleu Book is the official Production Magazine of Batal Productions and is designed to educate the consumer and create an awareness of the opportunities and interest available right within their community. The next step is to connect the average everyday consumer, with the appropriate participating Service Provider from within their local community.