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  Thu, Jan 05, 2023     Brian Connell

The Blac & Bleu Book is the official production magazine of Batal productions and is designed to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners from within their local community. We would like to welcome you to our official jobs board. Our business listing is open to the general public to all participating Servcie Providers, employers and active jobseeker. Employers can advertise t View More


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The Blac & Bleu Listing

A consumer may read an article. They may also be looking for a specific piece of information or may just be curious as to what’s available to them within their surrounding area and reading is their choice of media consumption. Once that awareness of a particular need is created based on their choice of media, the very next step would be to connect with someone preferably a business owner to satisfy that need awareness created by our production magazine. For this scenario the consumer would then connect with one of our participating service providers or a business owner listed annually.