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Welcome to the Blac & Bleu Listing, the official business listing of The Blac & Bleu Book. Our goal as an onlinelisting is to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners from within their local community globally. We believe that such a significant relationship between the community, media and local businesses will establishes a trust that creates true sustainability. As a business owner, a consistency in clientele is very important. Consider it to be the life blood of your business. It will provide the financial capital required to expand and grow, gain a sizeable market share, along with a strong referral service. Connecting with the average everyday consumer begin with consumer awareness. Mass media has had an effect on many aspects of our daily lives. Some examples would be voting preferences, individualistic point of views and beliefs. Another specific example would be a knowledge seeker or student being supplied or influenced due to false information .The overall appetite and influence of media as a whole will continue to increase, as the quality of media itself improves. With the continued evolution especially during times of change, media will continue to grow in strength; contribute new forms of journalism, formats and markets. Influence is the key driving force behind any media message, along with ideology reinforcement. We would like to add nine hundred and sixty service providers at a minimum, to our business listing internationally. Becoming a service provider requires a non refundable one time set up fee plus a monthly subscription fee charged annually. The one time set fee covers the cost of your custom designed mobile responsive landing page, fully equipped with a contact form, media players ,audio and video social media links and links to yor official website. Contact us today for asitance with setting up your account.


The top reasons businesses tend to struggle and even fail

 Inability to make a profit through a business model with proven revenue streams 

  • Solution – A website let the consumer know that you are here or at least you are coming. You can also benefit from presales or test the market through whole selling. Failure to communicate your business idea, product or service in a clear concise manner to their targeted audience. 
  • Solution - A combination of business cards and brochures for a mail out Campaign or even email marketing clearly stating the nature of your business,who you are, how your product or service can benefit them along with your Contact info. Lack of uniqueness in combination with value identification and clarity 
  • Solution – Branding your unique product or service with a custom logo design. This is an actual symbolic representation of the unique product or service your Business entity has to offer. Out of touch with customers due to lack of presentation through deep dialogue 
  • Solution – Consumer education through blogging news letter, hosting live events both online and booking and partnering with influencers to represent your brand.(Eric T. Wagner) Eric T. Wagner. Forbes. n.d. 21 Jan 2021.
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The Blac & Bleu Listing

A consumer may read an article. They may be looking for a specific piece of information or just curious as to what’s readily available to them within their local community. Create that awareness by gaining visibility through our business listing. The very next step would be to connect with that business owner.