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  Mar 21, 2022     Brian Connell  

To Whom it may concern,
As a business owner, a consistency in clientele is very important. Consider it to be the life blood of your business. It will provide the financial capital required to expand and grow your business, gain a sizeable market share, along with a strong referral service. Connecting with the average everyday consumer begin with consumer awareness. Welcome to the Blac & Bleu Listing, the official business listing of our official production magazine The Blac & Bleu Book. Our goal a production magazine is to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners in their local community. We believe that such a significant relationship between the community, media and local businesses will establishes a trust that creates true sustainability.
Becoming a Service Provider I considered to be considered to be our premium package. As a service provider you will receive a custom designed mobile responsive landing page fully equipped with a with a contact form, media player embed, social media link and link to your official website. All Participating Service Provider will be automatically enrolled a verified subscribers on our business network and receive a monthly hardcopy version of our production magazine. To get your business listed as a Participating Service Provider, contact our Account Manager .
Brian R Connell

Brian Connell
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The Blac & Bleu Listing

The Blac & Bleu Book is the official Production Magazine of Batal Productions and is designed to educate the consumer and create an awareness of the opportunities and interest available right within their community. The next step is to connect the average everyday consumer, with the appropriate participating Service Provider from within their local community.