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  Jan 29, 2020     Brian Connell  

As a Business owner, whether small medium or large we understand the fact that networking and finding your niche at the most cost efficient price is a consistent challenge. Finding new innovative ways to connect your business with the average consumer can make a difference between success or failure of your current venture. Marketing is key. Not only must you focus on the marketing aspect but also retention. Developing an effective Marketing strategy will give you that competitve edge over your competitors, in the development of goods and services with the best profit making potential. Effective marketing helps build your brand When you in the public eye. As your reputation grows, it should increase your sales, market share and expand your business. Here at Batal Productions we understand the importance of marketing and clientele retention and would like to offer our assistance. We are a small Prodution Company conveniently located in the Las Vegas Metro area, with a focus on the Performing Arts, New media, Literature, Television, Radio and Video. Our goal is to connect business owner's, small, medium or large, with the average everyday consumer within their local community through the usage of mass media. Mass media is designed to provide information information to a large audience. We would like to invite you to subscribe to our Production Magazine, The Blac & Bleu Book, as a Verified Subscriber and connect with other Subscribers via our online platform. Upon sign up, you would find that all the tools you need as a business owner to educate the general public on the unique product and/or services you offer, is right at your fingertips.

The Blac & Bleu Book is the official Proudction Magazine of Batal Productions. Our literature provide the everyday consumer with updates regarding a variety of industries.  It is very effective n creating a sense of awareness on issues, challeges and changes facing all of us in today's modern society. The Blac & Bleu Book is considered to be a paid subscription. However it is available for free online viewing. All participating Service Providers as well as verified Subscribers will receive a monthly harcopy version which will contain featured articles, exclusive interviews and discounted pricing. They will also receive premium access on our audio, video and blogging platforms.

BatalP Social Features

  • Create an account on our business network and update your user profile. It's free. Getting verified requires a 7.99 monthyl subscription. All verified Subscribers will receive a verified check sign display on their profile page.
  • Create and manage unlimited groups, pages and live events form one link.
  • Users can create their own stories that will autimatically be displayed for a 24 hour period.
  • Create articles, threads, sections and forums
  • Find and follow other subscribers near by using longitude, latitude and gps technology.
  • Import video media including you tube
  • Generate redeemable points by liking, commenting and creating posts
  • Gift system designed to connect Service Providers directly with Subscribers of our Production Magazine using discounted pricing.


Sign in with your BatalP Social I.D. and eliminate the need to memorize a variety of passwords on all of iur other media platforms



Brian Connell
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2550 East Chandler Avenue, Las Vegas Nevada 89120

Tel : + (702) - 718 8692
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Business Hours : 8:30 - 5:30

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Are you a current business owner, entrepuneur or aspiring independent talent looking for new innovative cost efficient solutions tailored to promote your services? We understand. Internet technology has contributed to the usage, start up cost and quality of sound when compared to traditional radio broadcasting. To feature submit your audio via our streaming platform The Lord Ceo Muk Show

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